Organic French Roast Coffee – Canned

The darkest roast offered by Café Altura – family owned and operated since 1979 – our French and Espresso Roasts take the finest Arabica coffees to the deepest roast possible without a hint of bitterness. Our French and Espresso roasted beans are a lusciously deep brown and glistening with natural oils. It takes great care to roast a coffee to this level while preventing bitterness and over roasting.

Café Altura Organic Coffee offers a wide variety of French and Espresso Roast coffees from around the globe and is packaged just the way you like it: pre-ground cans for convenience, ground-on-demand done in our high quality burr grinder to ensure an even grind, or our most popular whole bean options that maintain the coffees freshness until brewing. Café Altura is a 100% organic company with additional Fair Trade, Biodynamic and Decaffeinated options prepared to a perfect, French Roast profile.

French Roast

November 9, 2012

Item Type Weight Cost Quantity
12oz Canned Coffee – French Roast

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