Item Type Weight Cost Quantity
2 lb. Bulk – Regular Roast – Ground on Request
2 lb. Bulk – Regular Roast – Whole Bean
5 lb. Bulk – Regular Roast – Ground on Request
5 lb. Bulk – Regular Roast – Whole Bean
12oz Canned Coffee – Regular Roast
Product Description
main1 Tasting Notes: Light, smooth, and sweet.

Café Altura Regular Roast is the lightest roast offered on the site. This allows the coffees natural flavors to develop while not overpowering those flavors with that of the roast process itself.

To truly taste the difference between different origins, we suggest this or our Dark Roast.


Region: Chiapas, Mexico
Altitude: 900 – 1,500 meters
Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun and mechanical driers
Variety: Bourbon, Caturra, Criollo, Mundo Novo, and Typica
Harvest: October – March
Soil: Clay minerals

Certification : Organic, KSA Kosher (Canned Coffees)

About the farm – Café Altura Regular Roast coffee is sourced from the southern states of Chiapas, Mexico, where there are mountain ranges that provide higher altitudes and ideal climates for cultivating coffee. The vast majority of farms are family-owned with less than 10 acres of land. The coffee harvest typically begins in October and ends in March.

Volcanic soils, high altitude and a variety of shade trees offer an ideal environment for growing arabica coffees organically and sustainably.


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 10 reviews
by L. Jane Wells on Regular Roast
Best coffee ever!

This is the BEST organic coffee. Guests comment how good the coffee I make tastes. I have been using about 10 years.

by R. McClellan on Regular Roast
Five Stars

The only coffee I buy! I even take it on trips as motel coffee is rank.

by Ann on Regular Roast
Great Medium Roast

I don’t like the burnt flavor of coffee roasted too long. So, I love the mild flavor of this medium roast. If you like coffee beans that are over roasted, don’t buy this.

by Evelyn on Regular Roast
Flavor and Aroma, so sublime

Bit of a snob here. I love coffee but don’t drink as much as I want. So I’m picky. Starbucks is fine when I have to drink it but at home its only the best. I tasted many pleasant coffees but never found one I truly liked. Then I found Café Altura.

Café Altura is the best coffee. I cant tell you how much I mean that. I’m an early riser and this coffee is my first waking thought every morning.

I choose organic. And that is all Café Altura does. And its Arabica beans, the expensive kind. The medium roast is full bodied, smooth and low in acid.

Café Altura is a superior organically grown coffee. And its not expensive. I have been a customer for six years now. Okay that’s enough. Time for more coffee!

by Fred on Regular Roast
All Around Excellent

This is my favorite Java I have ever tasted brewed in percolator. Don’t even need a filter, just let it sit for a bit and its not bitter. Excellent bodied taste.

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