Café Altura Coffee Customer Reviews

Having you been looking for customer reviews of Café Altura Coffees? As of right now there are over 50 reviews of our Organic Peruvian Dark Whole Bean Coffee on Amazon, rating 4.5/5 stars overall. Check them out!

Simply put – the best dark roast I’ve hadI received this as a gift. I love dark roasted strong bodied coffee. That’s the only kind of coffee I drink. My first cup was brewed in a small french press. The aroma was succulent. It didn’t have the acidic aroma some compare to cat urine (my wife, a non-coffee drinker). The smell was potent, in a good way. It filled the whole downstairs with the small 2 cup press. The taste was something delightful. Very bold in flavor with zero acidic flavor that I have grown accustom to with other dark roasts. There is a great nutty or woody background flavor with this coffee. Add a touch of cream to really bring out the nutty overtones. I have always been a Colmbian fanatic until I tried Café Altura’s Peruvian Dark.”


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