Café Altura Regular Roast Coffee Review

Having you been looking for customer reviews of Café Altura Coffees? As of right now there are quite a few reviews of our Organic Regular Roast Whole Bean Coffee on Amazon, rating 4.5/5 stars overall. Check them out!

The Real DealThis coffee is really good. I was hesitant about writing a review, but I have been through several types and brands of coffee on Amazon, other mail order sites, and local grocery stores offerings without anything that matched this coffee. That along with having let several people try this coffee and everyone that has ever tried it goes on about how good it is prompted me to put in my 2 cents in on a review. The taste is full bodied without the bitter bite. This coffee reminds me of the type of coffee you get and the end of a high dollar meal. It has a richness of taste that comes thru unlike an over the counter type franchised coffee.”


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