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Environmentally Friendly Warehouses

Our desire to provide our customers with delicious and sustainable products influences every aspect of our business process. We’re proud to start with beans that are all certified organic and carry a range of additional certifications certified biodynamic, shade grown and Fair Trade. But our dedication to sustainability doesn’t end once the beans get to us and we put them through our roasters. With sustainability as a core value of ours, we’ve taken another look at our packing and shipping methods and have realized we can do better.

That’s why we’re excited to let you in on what we’ve been up to in our warehouses recently, getting rid of the boxes! Ok, not quite all of the boxes, but we have found a way of cutting out a lot of packaging waste and that’s a good thing for everyone. Packaging waste is an issue in just about any industry. Think about any time you get takeout, or have an online order delivered. Often there are layers and layers of boxes within boxes or bags within bags. It’s redundant packaging, and in addition to being an annoyance to deal with, it’s harmful to both for the environment and the bottom line of the business.

We used to be a culprit of over-packaging, ourselves. It used to be that when we’d send out a bag of coffee for an order that bag would go in a cardboard box, and that box would get put into a bigger box along with the rest of the order. The doubling up of boxes with our old method was meant to simplify things in the warehouse and ensure safe transport. While our old practice wasn’t out of the ordinary for industry standards, we strive for better than ordinary and so a change was needed.

Now, we’ve revamped our shipping system and have cut out the waste. After months of brainstorming from our leadership team and looking for ways to provide the same quality product and experience with less unneeded packaging, we’ve found a way to make that happen. By re-sizing our shipping boxes and rearranging our inventory management system, we’ve been able to cut out the redundant boxes while increasing the maximum bag count for each box and preserving much of our old workflow.

In the past couple of months, we have been transitioning into using this more sustainable shipping system in our warehouses and we’re happy to report so far, so good. We’ve implemented the changes step-by-step and are now proudly a little bit more green and a little bit more efficient.

So what all does this mean for you, our wonderful customers? Well, hopefully, not much. Our dedication to delivering you the best tasting sustainable coffee we can will remain the same as ever. Now that we’ve just found a way to better live up to our values (and we think yours) of putting an emphasis on environmentally friendly practices you can just enjoy your beans a little bit more.

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