Our Newly Designed Site and Store

May 30, 2013

Welcome to the newly designed Cafealtura.com! Our old website was getting on in years and although it served us well for the past decade, it was time to upgrade to a modern platform capable of offering a better experience and new opportunities to our customers. In addition, the new site affords us the opportunity to continually add features and content over the coming months and years. For now, lets check out some of the changes that make the basics of ordering more efficient and enjoyable.

New Product Images

Color Coordinated

The new product images are a simple way to identify the properties of our coffee at a glance. All coffee images now appear in one of three colors. Brown images are for Organic. Orange images are for Fair Trade Organic. Blue images are for Decaffeinated Organic.



Fair Trade Organic

Fair Trade Organic

Decaffeinated Organic

Decaffeinated Organic

Roast Meter

On the bottom of every product image there is a roast meter ranging from one to five detailing the intensity of the roast used in producing that particular coffee. Customers can now compare different coffees or blends confident that they are staying within their favorite roast or even moving up or down the scale in metered intervals.


Once a customer clicks through to the product page for a coffee there is a suggestion area below offering a few choices from our selection that are similar to that coffee in some way. If the customer is currently viewing a blend, the suggestions may represent component parts of that blend or if the customer is viewing a french roast, we may suggest a few other origins roasted in the same fashion.

Frequent Updates on the Home Page

We are taking a new approach with our home page with the goal of offering a few key pieces of information for new and returning customers. First, all new products, programs and information will take center stage in the slider which will scroll automatically showing you whats new with Cafe Altura. Below that are two content areas offering the most important info about our coffee selection: whats hot and whats on deal!

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