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We share a lot of lighthearted fun pieces alongside educational fare. This in-depth article about the coffee industry is part one of a look at barista health in the coffee workplace. Packed full of coffee industry facts – if you get your coffee from a shop, learn about the people who make that possible.

Working in specialty coffee can be a rewarding, creatively stimulating experience. For some it’s a calling, for others a means to an end – paying the rent, recording your soon-to-be-hit album – but every last barista can tell you about the long hours standing, the highly repetitive physical tasks, and the stress of customer and management demands. For baristas working in high volume and quality-focused environments, there is an additional risk: the endless cups of coffee consumed in the name of “dialing in”, and the self-sampling quality control necessary in the pursuit of high quality coffee service. Over years and years of repetition, these workplace requirements cannot help but affect the physical and mental well-being of those required to perform them, often in negative ways.


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