Direct Trade with coffee producers

Direct Trade

There are many different ways that roasters seek to source and trade for the best quality beans and compensate producers fairly. From Fair Trade certification to Certified Organic and others, organizations have formed around the idea that mutually beneficial trade relationships based on environmental impact and fair compensation, in addition to product quality, are inherently the most sustainable ones.

caffeine enhances physical performance

Coffee Does it Better – Caffeine Enhances Performance

If you’ve ever needed a little perking up to get going in the morning or focus in on a project in the late afternoon, you’re probably already well aware of the benefits of coffee for boosting focus and performance. But did you know that coffee is actually a uniquely well-suited pre and post-workout drink that can improve your workouts and recovery?

mocha molasses sugar cookies

Mocha Molasses Sugar Cookies

The yearly approach of the holiday season is a beloved time at Cafè Altura. The holidays bring a welcome change to colder weather, a few days off to spend time with family and friends, and, most importantly, an excuse to consume copious amounts of tasty treats. Try these Mocha Molasses Sugar Cookies with our very own Organic Instant Coffee!

ZipRecruiter Road to Hired

ZipRecruiter Road to Hired Visit + Interview

Last month Café Altura was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a partner advertisement with ZipRecruiter. The experience was a bit exhausting and required two 12 hour days of filming with a crew of 10 documentary professionals. The experience was wild in a sense, and also surreal. Most do not enjoy seeing themselves on camera (myself included).

environmentally friendly sustainable warehouse

Environmentally Friendly Warehouses

Our desire to provide our customers with delicious and sustainable products influences every aspect of our business process. We’re proud to start with beans that are all certified organic and carry a range of additional certifications certified biodynamic, shade grown and Fair Trade. But our dedication to sustainability doesn’t end once the beans get to us and we put them through our roasters. With sustainability as a core value of ours, we’ve taken another look at our packing and shipping methods and have realized we can do better.

Fair Trade Coffee Harvesting

Why is Fair Trade Coffee Important?

At Cafe Altura, we believe in valuing every component of the process by which we get you exceptional products. This includes choosing to support systems which fairly compensate communities which are so integral to the farming of our beans. For us, that means proudly supporting Fair Trade products and proudly doing our part as a Certified Fair Trade roaster. If you’re a regular customer of ours you likely know the value in supporting Fair Trade products, but it’s worth looking at how the system got its start and the ways in which it benefits its members.

Attending the 2018 Coffee Roasters Guild

Every year since 2000, the Roasters Guild (now the Coffee Roasters Guild after the unification of the Specialty Coffee Associations of America and Europe) has held a weekend retreat for coffee roasting professionals. The Roasters Guild Retreat provides a truly singular opportunity for coffee roasters from around the United States and world to gather and learn from one another.

Local Organic Coffee Farming

Local Organic farming of coffee and other agricultural products isn’t just a boutique industry riding the wave of current trends, it is the best answer to the environmental sustainability challenges facing our food production system. But while eating local produce, dairy, and meat can be fairly attainable for most Californians, the ability to drink locally sourced coffee hasn’t always been there.

community supported agriculture

The Importance of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

At Cafe Altura part of our mission is to promote and support agricultural business practices that align with our core values. We were founded with the belief that people want and deserve a better connection to what they eat and drink, and that they want it produce in a way that respects our planet. When farms are working sustainably and providing value to communities, we look to incorporate them into our own supply chain or help to share them with others.

organic farming and agriculture

Efficiency in Organic Farming

It should come as no surprise that oil dependence has worked its way into just about every facet of modern society. Its influence is pervasive in the production and transportation of items throughout our homes and lives, with food being no exception. Our built-in dependence of agriculture on oil runs deep–from fertilizers to machinery and transportation of those goods from where they’re grown to where they’re consumed.