Coffee Tasting Safaris

Traveling Greener is a green travel site – it’s no surprise they love organic fair trade coffee!

We have a secret.  We can’t keep it any longer.

It’s true, it’s undeniable, yes is coffee-powered.  It’s 100% organic, fair trade espresso-fueled blogging. Our coffee story began in Italy when caffè latte first crossed our lips.  First Florence, Venice, Rome…and onto to iced Nescafé in Greece and bitter black in Scandinavia.

Since those early coffee glory days, we’ve romanced a Bodum FrenchPress then a BMW espresso machine. These days, it’s a basic Bialetti coffee maker always ready for any kitchen or camp stove. We’re coffee travelers, taking travel mugs and going on coffee tasting safaris everywhere. The best destinations have the best coffee, don’t they?”

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