Best Coffees for the Percolator

Coffee percolators were all the rage before automatic drip coffee makers took their place. Still, many coffee aficionados prefer percolators because they brew rich, full-bodied coffee that is full of flavor. People who want to have full control over how long the coffee percolates choose glass stovetop percolators, while those who want to automate the process use electronic percolators.

When you use a percolator, some coffee will taste better than others. Consider the roast and the country of origin in order to pick the best coffee for your percolator.


When choosing a coffee for a percolator, go with a medium roast. Dark roasts often taste bitter when they go through a percolator. Light roasts lose their flavor and taste watery. Medium roasts maintain their delicious flavor when they are percolated.

There are lots of types of coffee that are available in a medium roast. Pick the country of origin for the coffee you want to use in your percolator.

Colombian Coffee

The full-bodied taste of Columbian coffee goes well with a percolator. The percolation method enhances the taste and the feel of the full body, leaving coffee drinkers satisfied. It actually seems as if percolators were made for Colombian coffee.

That being said, Colombian coffee is not the only type of coffee that tastes great in a percolator.

Indonesian Coffee

Indonesia is also known for its full-bodied coffee, which makes it another excellent choice for a percolator. If you want an extremely full-bodied coffee, go with a Sumatra. Sumatra is an island in western Indonesia that produces rich, full-bodied coffee. Sumatra coffee has a dry, winey aftertaste that has deep yet gentle tones. The percolation process preserves all of the flavors wonderfully, leaving coffee drinkers with the beverage the way it was intended to be consumed.

Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopia also makes delicious coffee for percolators. Ethiopia grows coffee in different regions. The coffee from the Sidamo region is the best for percolators. This coffee has citrus and spice flavors. It also has some maple syrup flavors in the body, giving it a full feel. In addition, Sidamo has a beautiful floral aroma that can fill a home when the coffee is brewing. That smell alone is reason enough to try this coffee. The smell will bring you in but the taste will keep you coming back for one cup after another.


Percolators do an amazing job with rich coffee, which is why Guatemala coffees are so popular with this type of machine. Guatemala is known for producing smoky coffee with a distinctive flavor. You can find Guatemala coffee with a medium or full body. Go with a full-bodied coffee to get the best results from your percolator.


Peruvian Coffee

If you have a percolator but do not care for a full-bodied coffee, choose a Peruvian coffee. Peru is known for making light-bodied coffees that are still very flavorful so you can get all of the taste while still enjoying lightness. Peruvian coffees are also very aromatic so you can enjoy some wonderful smells when you brew your coffee. As great as the smells are, they lose out to the taste. You will enjoy each sip you take of your coffee.



Experiment with different types of coffee so you can decide what you like best with your percolator. Just be sure to go with a coarse grind when selecting your coffee so it can percolate properly. Then, you can enjoy all of the flavors and weight of the coffee when you drink it. Your enjoyment will continue to increase as you find the perfect type of coffee for your tastes.