Conversations Over Coffee – How and Why to Have Them

Cafés have evolved. Now they are spaces for meetings, working, hanging out, dates, live music, poetry slams, and artist exhibitions. The first coffeehouses, however, were places for the middle/upper class of society to meet and discuss ideas, political aspirations, and deals.

In the 1700s, coffee houses were started in Vienna. Only men were allowed into these establishments. Women could serve the men, but nothing more.

Coffee houses in England became popular, partly with the availability of the substance, but the weather may also have had something to do with it. A coffee house was a good meeting place for a rainy day. In the 1800s, publications were written specifically for coffee houses.

Fast-forward to the 20th century. Every major city in the Western world has specialty coffee shops. And it’s no surprise that a coffee shop today is a one-stop-shop for everything social. It’s perfectly natural to suggest that we have conversations over coffee.

There are so many reasons to have a coffee conversation. Unlike a conversation over dinner, a coffee conversation suggests a relaxed talk without pressure, a quick meet-up. They are good for a first meeting. A coffee conversation suggests how long the interaction will last. It can provide a fast connection with someone without the commitment of a longer meeting.

Coffee is a great way to ease into a relationship, whether it will be platonic, romantic, or for work. It’s also much easier, more efficient, more affordable, and less imposing to invite someone for coffee rather than dinner.

First Meeting
With online dating, meeting first at a public place such as a coffee shop is widely-regarded as the safest idea. It’s also popular because most people enjoy a good coffee.

Since coffee boosts energy and concentration, that’s another good reason to meet in a coffee shop. If you’re feeling nervous, it might be wise to arrive early, get your coffee first, and get comfortable, so that you feel the benefits of your coffee by the time your date arrives.

Some people advise that you shouldn’t choose your favorite shop in your neighborhood, in case the date doesn’t go well. You might find it challenging to face your favorite baristas and anyone else who knows you subsequently.

On the plus side, however, a coffee conversation can be as short or long as needed. Depending on how you think the date is going, you can finish your cup and go, or you can order another to prolong the encounter.

If you have your first date in a restaurant, by contrast, you have to wait for your meal to be prepared, wait for your date to eat, and then pay the bill afterward, which can seem like forever if you find that you are mismatched!

Breaking Up
It seems more and more break-ups happen over text these days. For traditionalists who feel a conversation is best, however, a coffee conversation might work very well.

Again, it can be longer or shorter depending on what needs to be said and how the talk goes. Breaking up is rarely easy, but when both sides are respectful and can have a calm conversation, that is best for everyone to gain closure.

Technology is impinging on this kind of coffee conversation, also referred to as the ‘break-up date.’ Although millennials love their communication tools, sometimes you need to look someone in the face and say what you need to say.

You’ll have to play this one by ear. It might be better to break up with someone in person than by text, but nobody wants to feel very vulnerable and have their emotions on display in a busy place either. Choose your method, your moment, and your words at least as carefully as you choose your beans!

Catching Up With Friends
Meeting at a favorite bar or restaurant is fun, but when time is limited and work schedules clash, a coffee shop meeting can be just the solution. Most coffee shops have low music, which is much more conducive to conversation than a bar.

Brainstorming for Work
Coffee has definite energy- and focus-boosting properties, so a coffee shop is a great place for that next work brainstorming session. It’s no wonder that with the introduction of free WiFi most coffee shops are full of freelance workers on laptops.

Coffee shops today are a place to meet, mingle, and express ideas, just as they have been for hundreds of years. But you don’t need to pay for coffee shop coffee to enjoy a coffee conversation. Buy a good quality, organic ground coffee and you can enjoy better coffee conversations in the comfort of your home.


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