Coffee on a Budget

Just how much more are you paying for coffee at a coffee shop vs. making your own at home? If you need your coffee on a budget, the choice is clear! Buy some great beans and brew at home!

For many of us, heading to the nearest café each morning is just a fact of life. Wake up, go to the café, wait in line, pay more than you need to for a caffeinated beverage, and go about your day. These days, trips like this can really put the hurt on your pocket book. So, why not consider making your own drinks at home? While the up-front cost of investing in an espresso machine can seem a little overwhelming, think about it in terms of how long it might take to pay off the machine if you could skip your café outing each day. That shot of espresso or Americano might seem cheap, coming in under $2 a pop. However, brewing them up at home costs a scant $0.14 each. All in all, it would take a mere 4 months if you purchase the entry-level Saeco Poemia espresso machine.


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