Corporate Coffee Culture

If you’re in the office, you’ll be around coffee. It provides stimulation for staff in the morning and pick-ups throughout the day. It’s also on hand for all kinds of social situations, whether they are informal chats, lunch breaks, or business meetings.

Unless you’re lucky, however, office coffee is probably not your favorite. Not to worry! Some simple changes can improve everyone’s day. Let’s give our coffee and coffee breaks the recognition they deserve by making them among the best coffees of the day.

Room Temperature Storing

Some offices keep their coffee in the refrigerator or, worse, the freezer, in the hope of maintaining the flavor. Once you remove the coffee, however, condensation drops will form and dilute the original flavor. Store your office coffee at a room temperature in an airtight container.

Clean the Coffee Maker Often

It doesn’t make much difference how expensive your office coffee maker is if it spends most of its time dirty. The pot has to be cleaned regularly. It should be rinsed before every brewing. Removing stains before making a new pot will ensure you the best, freshest-tasting coffee possible. Better than last year’s coffee remains. Try a cleaning rotation. Otherwise, it will always be the same people doing it.

Always Brew a Fresh Pot

It’s a common practice for whoever gets to the office to brew the whole pot of coffee and keep it hot on the plate. Convenient? Yes.

This practice destroys the flavor of the cup for everyone else though because adding new brews on top during the day creates a layer of ancient, super strong coffee at the bottom that mixes with the fresh coffee.

Keeping the coffee hot in this manner is not practical, either. Using thermal carafes is one possible solution. They don’t reheat, but they do keep the coffee at the right temperature until is finished and it will taste better.

coffee station at the office

The office should pay attention to the grinding settings, water temperature, and volume of water for the coffee brewed. Not everyone is eager to do this every morning, but a few helpful hints or guidelines pinned to a noticeboard can brighten everyone’s day.

Go to the Right Supplier

Sometimes, regardless of how you try to improve the coffee ritual, the coffee might not quite hit the spot. Very often, the problem can be found in the coffee brand itself.
Sometimes, offices tend to contract a cheap coffee supplier, unaware that they throw out most of the coffee.

Do the necessary research. Reach out to the right suppliers, sample a few and make a difference for everyone.

Don’t just buy coffee for the sake of it. Buy it freshly roasted. And don’t throw out the idea of grinding it yourself. We’d be happy to serve you and your office with fresh, organic coffee. Contact us today.

It might sound like a big change for your company’s coffee culture, but who wants a coffee culture of drinking bad coffee? We think it makes good sense to reward workers with something that provides the desired stimulation and tastes great at the same time.


Old-time black and white office photo courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives / CC2.0

Office coffee station photo courtesy Pedro Vera / CC2.0


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