Ethiopia and the history of coffee

Ethiopia and the History of Coffee

The birthplace of coffee and home of its greatest biodiversity, Ethiopia is indispensably important in the history of coffee and in its consumption and sale in the modern day. Learn more about coffee’s enduring role in modern Ethiopian economics and culture.

Best Coffees for the Percolator

Coffee percolators were all the rage before automatic drip coffee makers took their place. Still, many coffee aficionados prefer percolators because they brew rich, full-bodied coffee that is full of flavor. People who want to have full control over how long the coffee percolates choose glass stovetop percolators, while those who want to automate the process use electronic percolators. When …

Best Coffees For Espresso Machines

Espresso is a strong style of coffee. At one time, most people went out to the local coffee shop for a shot of espresso, but now they can make this style of coffee in their own homes with their espresso machines. Espresso machines work by pushing water that is near its boiling point through ground coffee and a filter. It …