Direct Trade with coffee producers

Direct Trade

There are many different ways that roasters seek to source and trade for the best quality beans and compensate producers fairly. From Fair Trade certification to Certified Organic and others, organizations have formed around the idea that mutually beneficial trade relationships based on environmental impact and fair compensation, in addition to product quality, are inherently the most sustainable ones.

Fair Trade Coffee Harvesting

Why is Fair Trade Coffee Important?

At Cafe Altura, we believe in valuing every component of the process by which we get you exceptional products. This includes choosing to support systems which fairly compensate communities which are so integral to the farming of our beans. For us, that means proudly supporting Fair Trade products and proudly doing our part as a Certified Fair Trade roaster. If you’re a regular customer of ours you likely know the value in supporting Fair Trade products, but it’s worth looking at how the system got its start and the ways in which it benefits its members.

What Is Fair Trade Coffee?

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

Fair Trade coffee not only tastes great, but it is produced in a way that will nourish the body, mind and soul of anyone who purchases it! That said… what is Fair Trade Coffee? We offer many Fair Trade coffees for you to enjoy. When you learn where your money goes when you buy Fair Trade and you’ll realize the …