Adsenia Coffee From Sumatra

Triple Pick Adsenia Coffee from Sumatra

Coffee lovers all know that Sumatra produces some of the most widely known and consistently delicious coffees in the world. While not to everyone’s taste, the bold and rich flavors of Sumatra coffee has made an impact on the coffee market and is in high demand anywhere coffee connoisseurs make their favorite cup. Sumatran rain forests provide the perfect shady environment for the coffee plants and traditional hulling techniques add to the individuality of this region’s coffee beans. Triple pick Adsenia coffee comes from a special part of Sumatra and from a unique cooperative whose mission and work is second to none.

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The flavors of Adsenia Sumatra coffee have an intensity and purity which is produced through the Sumatran processes. Tobacco as well as an herbal flavor are the dominant notes, including sage, thyme, and cedar. But the flavor is rounded out by the sweetness of fig and even butterscotch. The smokiness and herbal flavors make for an excellent drip, pour over, or French Press cup of coffee. The acidity is light with a consistent boldness and fullness flavor.

Aceh Provence and The Ketiara Co-op


Our Adsenia coffee is grown in the Takengon highlands where thriving rain forests provide homes for both the people and native wildlife northern Sumatra. The forests are dense and provide an ideal habitat for the coffee plants to be shade grown and tended with care.

Aceh Provence was in the news for an independence movement which turned into a sort of civil war during the 1990s and early 2000s. Acehnese men fought the central Indonesian government for independence and more than 15,000 were killed in battle. This left an equally significant number of women without husbands, fathers, and sons. Women in Aceh were left to fend for themselves and their families by creating jobs and organizations.

One such organization is the Ketiara Co-op where our Adsenia coffee comes from. Ketiara was formed in order to provide work for people in the area. Most of the 1900 co-op members are women, as well as Ibu Ramah, the chairperson. 20% of the members are war widows supporting their families through their work raising, collecting, picking, and processing Adsenia coffee beans. Since 2009, the co-op has worked to make their member farms Fair Trade and although many are certified, some are not. As a result, the entire lot cannot be called Fair Trade, but rest assured that some of the coffee is certified and the movement is towards full certification for all members of the Co-op.

The Co-op allows many members to make a living with just a handful of coffee bushes which they can maintain and care for on their own. The coffee bushes are Hibirdo de Timor, the local varietal that can be traced directly back to the introduction of Typica plants to Sumatra by the Dutch.

Giling Basah, Wet-Hulling Process

Sumatra coffee is hulled before drying, a process characteristic of Sumatra. The parchment is removed when the beans are semi-dried. Locally, this semi-wash method is called Giling Basah.

Triple Pick Coffee Beans

We call these beans ‘triple pick’ because of the way they are sorted. Lots of beans are dried and then sorted extensively to ensure that all beans that have been damaged by insects, are defective, or are under-ripe have been removed. This leaves behind only the perfect beans which give Adsenia Sumatra coffee a rich, full, and herbal flavor.


For fans of the depth of Sumatra coffee, the Adsenia we’re offering is a real treat. All the smoky and rich flavors you expect with the clean, pure, fresh flavors that come from beans that are tended and harvested with great care.

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  1. Tried the sample pack and I think I like the dark roast the best. I have been buying the Sumatran Dark Roast from Cafe Altura for years and am still very satisfied with it. When the Adsenia is offered in bulk I may get some, depending on the price. Should have stocked up last time I bought the Sumatran and it was on sale! Oh well, I love the stuff and just ordered some more. I’m definitely a Sumatran coffee fan.

    1. Author

      Hi Charles – thanks for the feedback, sharing with our audience and being a fan! The Sumatran Dark is a favorite at the office too. Personally, I’ve been really enjoying the Peruvian Fair Trade in a French press as of late. We do rotate our coffees on sale, and we’ll be sharing more via our email newsletter.

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