Best Organic Coffees for Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers use gravity to make coffee. You pour water into the machine and it moves through the coffee grinds. When the water comes into contact with the coffee, it absorbs caffeine, flavors, and oils and then moves through the filter.

This is one of the easiest ways to make coffee so it is incredibly popular. You don’t need much time or patience to make coffee with a drip coffee maker. But just because it is easy doesn’t mean you cannot have delicious coffee with this method. You simply have to choose the right type of coffee for your coffee maker. Then you can have fresh tasting coffee every day of the week.


Do not go lighter than a medium roast when you use a drip coffee maker. These coffee makers cause the coffee to lose some flavor, which means a light roast simply cannot hold up. It will lose its flavor and taste watery. In some cases, it might be difficult to drink.

Additionally, some dark roasts taste bitter in drip coffee makers. If you do not like bitter coffee, stick with a medium roast. That way, you can enjoy lots of flavor without the bitterness.

After you pick your roast, you will be ready to choose the type of coffee you want. Several types of coffee taste delicious when brewed with a drip coffee maker.

Guatemalan Coffee

If you have tried Guatemalan coffee with a French press or another device in the past and found it to be too rich, try it with a drip coffee maker. The natural smokiness and richness is lost a bit in the drip coffee making process. Instead of the normal bold flavors, the coffee has more of a subtle taste when brewed in a drip coffee maker. This is a welcome change for some coffee drinkers.

Mexican Coffee

The mild flavor of Mexican coffee works well with a drip coffee maker. While some of the nuances might be lost in the coffee making process, you can still expect an enjoyable cup of coffee that contains light milk chocolate and nutty undertones. Try our Regular Roast from the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico – it maintains its balanced flavor, regardless of the brewing method.

Colombian Coffee

Rich yet balanced, Colombian coffee maintains much of its flavor when it goes through a drip coffee maker. It loses a bit of its richness but you can still enjoy many of the flavors that make this one of the most popular types of coffee in the world. You can enhance those flavors by adding a little bit more coffee to coffee maker. That way, it will be even richer and more flavorful.

Peruvian Coffee

Peruvian coffee is mild and balanced. While you won’t notice a lot of the subtle flavors that Peruvian coffee is known for, you will still catch some of the nutty and chocolaty undertones when you brew it with a drip coffee maker. Most importantly, you will enjoy a coffee that is smooth and easy to drink. This type of light coffee is perfect after a heavy meal while still having the caffeine you need to wake up in the morning or power through the afternoon at work. Because of that, this is a good choice if you want to drink the same coffee all day and all evening.

Once you choose your coffee, make sure you get recently roasted beans. This is essential when using a drip coffee maker. Coffee should be ground and brewed as soon as possible – no more than 2-4 weeks after it has been roasted. With that in mind, don’t stock up with pounds of beans. Continue to buy fresh ones so you can always have a wonderful cup of coffee at your home.

(image credit: Rina Pitucci / CC2.0)