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Best Coffees for AeroPress

If you like to brew a single cup of coffee at a time, then the AeroPress is probably right for you. This device mixes the coffee grounds with hot water. Then, the coffee drinker uses a plunger to push the coffee through a filter. It only takes thirty seconds to brew coffee with this method. Once finished, the coffee has close to the same strength as an expresso.

When choosing coffee for an AeroPress, people need to consider the grind, roast, and country of origin for the coffee beans. This will allow them to get the best flavor out of the coffee they brew with the AeroPress.

Grinding for an AeroPress

Always use a fine grind when using an AeroPress. The finer the grind, the richer the coffee will taste. You will lose a lot of flavor if you go with a coarse grind. The grind type would be similar to an espresso grind. Next, let’s look at the roast.

Best Roast Types for an AeroPress

All roast types work with the AeroPress. However, it is good idea to choose a roast that is a little lighter than what you would normally drink. For example, if you usually go with a dark roast, go with a medium so it does not overpower you.

After you choose your roast level, you need to decide on the country of origin for the coffee beans. You need to choose a country that provides the flavor and style you want in a coffee bean. This will greatly influence the way the coffee tastes after it is brewed.

Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is an excellent option when using an AeroPress due to this coffee’s balanced taste. It is full-bodied but incredibly smooth. This type of coffee also has moderate levels of acidity and sweetness. AeroPress users enjoy the increased taste of the AeroPress without feeling overwhelmed when they drink this coffee.


Mexican Coffee

Mexican coffee is known for boasting a wide variety of flavors. These flavors are enhanced when you brew the coffee with an AeroPress. In fact, you will enjoy a depth of flavor that is often lost with other brewing methods. It is a good idea to go with a medium roast if choosing Mexican coffee for an AeroPress since a dark roast can be overwhelming.


American Coffee

While the United States is not usually known for its coffee, Hawaii brews one of the most popular coffees available. Hawaii is home to Kona coffee. This type of coffee is perfect for the AeroPress. This medium-bodied, balanced coffee tastes clean and smooth. It has a creamy taste with a hint of chocolate. The AeroPress brings those flavors out so coffee drinkers can enjoy them to the fullest.


Nicaraguan Coffee

With its nuanced flavors, Nicaraguan coffee is perfect for the AeroPress. The AeroPress will bring some of the subtle flavors to the forefront so you can enjoy them to the fullest. You may notice flavors that you miss with other brewing methods.



Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian coffee beans often end up in expresso blends. Because of that, they are an obvious choice for the AeroPress. When you put Brazilian beans in the AeroPress, chocolate, spice, and peanut undertones will come out. You will also enjoy a clean aftertaste with this type of bean.

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These are all excellent coffees for the AeroPress. They all have delicious flavors that come to the forefront with this brewing method. Many of the flavors are washed out with other brewing methods so prepare to be amazed by how delicious coffee can be. You will discover flavors that you did not think were possible in a cup of coffee. Mix and match so you always have a variety of coffees to choose from.

(images courtesy Roland Tanglao, Pål-Kristian Hamre / CC 2.0)


  1. What grind, water temperature and timing would you recommend for Mexican coffee?

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks for writing in and asking about brewing details for Mexican coffee in an aeropress. Because the roast can vary from light to dark (as can personal preference), we recommend starting with the basics and going from there. Your grind should should be fine to medium, water temperature should be just off boil (above 200 degrees), and timing will be about 1:45. See how you like it!

      From here, experiment with subsequent cuppas. You might like a coarse grind, you might stir it longer, etc. Check out this link to a number of different “recipes” from the World Aeropress Championship. Hope you enjoy your aeropress. And if you’re using Cafe Altura Organic Coffee, all the better!

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