Best Coffees for the Pour-Over Method

The pour-over brewing method is growing in popularity for coffee lovers. They enjoy the way this method gives them more control over the brewing process. That extra control allows them to bring out the best flavors and characteristics of their coffee. While you have more control when you use this method, it is still important that you choose the right type of coffee.

There are two variables to consider when choosing coffee to use with the pour-over method. First, you need to choose the roast. You can get an expresso, dark, medium, or light roast. Then, you need to choose the coffee’s country of origin.

The Roast

Because you have so much control over the flavor of pour-over coffee, it is essential that you pick a roast level that meets your individual taste. Lighter roasts contain more caffeine than darker roasts do.
They are also less bitter and usually contain flavors that are influenced by the growing region’s environment. On the other hand, dark roasts get flavor from the actual roasting process. In the end, dark roasts are usually fuller-bodied, while light roasts often have more gentle, flavorful undertones.

Some coffee brewing methods lose the flavors in medium or light roasts, but that is not the case with the pour-over method. Because of that, you can have a delicious cup of coffee regardless of the roast level you select, as long as you choose a roast that appeals to you.

Once you choose your roast level, you will be ready to choose the actual type of coffee. You will do this by looking at the country where the coffee is grown and harvested. Different countries produce coffee with different characteristics.

United States Coffee

Kona coffee can be superior when you use the pour-over method. This Hawaiian coffee from the Big Island has a lot of subtle undertones that really come out during the pour-over brewing process. You can enjoy the creamy flavor and the smoothness that Kona coffee is known for providing. In fact, it is so smooth and has so many different flavors that many coffee drinkers prefer it black so they do not mute any of the flavors.

We recommend trying our Kona Blend in your pour-over.

Mexican Coffee

Mexican coffee is known for being balanced. However, it has a depth of flavor that is often lost in the brewing process. You can keep the flavor and the sharpness of the coffee when you use the pour-over brewing method. You will notice flavors in Mexican coffee that you had missed with other brewing methods.

Try our Regular Roast from Chiapas, Mexico.

Guatemala Coffee

Guatemalan coffee is known for its rich flavor. You can really enjoy that flavor when you use the pour-over method for brewing your coffee. You will notice spicy and chocolaty flavors with this brewing method. You will also notice a unique taste that you will not get with any other type of coffee. If you want something that is different from any other coffee you have tasted, try this one. All of the flavors will surprise you.

Our Guatemalan French Roast is smoky with a distinctive flavor.

Try different types of coffee so you can find out which one you like the best. Because this brewing process brings out so many unique flavors, you may have to drink the same coffee several times in order to get the full effect. Then, you will be ready to try the next one on your list. Keep moving down that list until you find the perfect coffee to fit your tastes. Don’t be surprised if you continue to discover new flavors with the coffee you selected. The pour-over method brings out so many subtle undertones that you could discover new flavors for years to come.

(image courtesy of Robert Gourley / CC 2.0)