What’s the Deal with Instant Coffee?

organic instant coffee

Many people have shied away from instant coffee due to its simplicity – they don’t believe that instant coffee can pack the same intense flavor as their traditional brew. Fortunately, Café Altura offers an instant coffee that fully satisfies coffee connoisseurs. Café Altura Instant Coffee is so simple to prepare, and still provides amazing flavor from high quality beans.

Café Altura Quality

Bulk sizes are available. Food Safety and Compliance documentation for food processors is provided including: COAs for each lot, HACCP, Third Party Audits and more. Please contact us for Product Specifications and more information.
Café Altura Instant Coffee is made from fair trade Arabica beans that are sustainably sourced. These 100% organic beans are GMO free, and are grown and harvested under fair trade terms. Fair trade ensures that those people who produce coffee are earning a sustainable living wage for their product. Café Altura has been in operation as a family business for over 30 years, and is committed to sustainable partnerships with growers who practice biodynamic, organic and fair trade growing.

The Instant Coffee allows a quick cup, and has incredible delicate flavoring without bitterness or acidity. The beans used are non-GMO verified and have no added chemicals, so they are completely safe. Café Altura Instant Coffee is packaged in a glass container that is recyclable and each serving is packaged individually. The Instant Coffee has a three year shelf life, and will maintain the strength and flavor of a genuine brewed cup.

Quality and Convenience

The greatest benefit of Café Altura Instant Coffee is that it is so easy to transport. There are times when you just can’t make it to the coffee shop around the corner for an expensive, fancy cup of coffee. Café Altura Instant Coffee allows you to save money and make a great cup of coffee at you convenience by just adding hot water. You don’t have to give in and buy an unsustainable and expensive cup of coffee just to get a quality product. Café Altura offers a simple way to enjoy a sustainable cup of coffee that is organic and therefore good for both your body and the planet, in a convenient package.


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