The One Office Perk You MUST Splurge On

If you own a company, or manage an office, you know that there are times to cut cost and times to spend on the important stuff. Now, we may bit biased, but we think there’s a pretty strong case to be made that providing coffee to your office isn’t one of the times to hold back. So whether you’re thinking of upgrading the office joe, or considering offering coffee as a perk for the first time, here are five great reasons why spending a little on coffee can be a worthy investment:


Boosts Employee Performance

This should come as no surprise, but coffee can seriously boost performance. This is because caffeine is a powerful, natural, stimulant that has a positive effect on focus, energy level and performance. By having a delicious source of caffeine at the ready for your employees, they’ll know they can get a boost of energy when they need it most to power through and get the job done.

Improves Morale

Everyone wants to work somewhere where they feel valued. Having free coffee for your employees lets them worry about one less thing in the morning before getting to the office. And, can be one of the ways in which you show your employees that you care about setting them up for success by ensuring they’re enjoying their environment and have what they need to be at their best.


Another added benefit of providing your office with coffee is that it gives employees a reason to get out of their seats and casually interact with coworkers. While both moving around and socializing can be mood and health boosters to your employees, it can make them better workers too. A quick walk to the coffee maker can help clear the head before diving back into a project. And conversations with coworkers that aren’t task-oriented can help your employees build valuable rapport with one another that can pay dividends as they become more comfortable working together.

Keeps people on-site

Having coffee in the office also keeps your employees on-site. If there’s free coffee in the office, your employees will naturally stick around more. Reducing the amount of time spent outside of the office by your employees can help break people out of their silos to interact with one another and keeps them on-task as well. A trip to the shared kitchen, even with a couple detours, will inevitably be a lot quicker than your employees walking or driving to the nearest café.

Doesn’t Even Have to Cost Much

And, finally, it doesn’t have to cost you much at all! As we’ve written about before, you can get a great set up for your office for well under $200 and (probably) write it off as a business expense to boot. For a relatively small cost, you can get a big win with your employees and come out ahead in the end.