How You Take Your Coffee and What It Says About You

Certain habits can tell you a story about a person. When someone orders a “tall decaf sugar-free vanilla latte” versus a plain, black cup of joe, what can be inferred by these orders? Let’s examine the different types of coffee drinkers.

Black coffee, no sugar, milk, or flavoring

As you may already know it’s a no-frills, cut-to-the-chase kind of person who orders it straight. This person does not want to stop and smell the roses or chat or anything, except to have their coffee and get started on the day at hand.
Or they are French.

Coffee, milk, and sugar

Still of the no-frills variety, but with a little bit of comfort, not so stark and barren in this cup. A person who doesn’t like a lot of fuss, may wear the same comfortable jeans or similar work outfit most days, and is not the kind of person to make sudden moves or use more than one exclamation mark!! A measured, matter of fact kind of guy or gal.

Fat-free mocha with whipped cream

This person is mixing two worlds.  It’s like ordering a salad and fries.  Is that healthy? Well, sort of.
The whipped cream blends with the fat free milk. If you were actually worried about calories you would have ordered something else. A little bit erratic. Maybe they left the house with two different colored socks.

Or is this a busy mom who can’t give up the thought of whipped cream, so is looking for a way to halve the calories.

Skinny two-pump triple-shot vanilla latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon on the top

Ooh la la…well, not much to be said in this case. Heels, blown out hair, designer suit, shoes, and a bag. Everything in its place.  And that means, everything.

If you’re a barista and you don’t get this coffee right, he or she might just explode in your direction.

An espresso with a little sugar

A well-traveled person who has decided that Europeans know best, at least in the world of coffee. A tiny cup and saucer with a bit of crema is perfection. Perfetto as they say in Italy. This person may tend to insert foreign words into sentences such as crema and perfetto. Their shoe collection may consist of few pairs, but very high-quality leather. Only the best.


Is this really coffee, or just dessert in a cup?  This person may not even like coffee. Whipped cream and flavoring, however, are big winners.  They enjoy the social aspect of coffee shops. This person might be the social butterfly of a group.


Loves espresso but wants the quantity of a regular cup of coffee. The perfect mix of quality and quantity.

Maybe this is the kind of person who is a good saver but every once in awhile will splurge on a big trip or a designer gift for a loved one.

Soy latte

You don’t want to seem high maintenance, so you may wear Birkenstocks and hemp. In fact, you are high maintenance, but not in an obvious way.

You know what you want, and you’ll get it, even if it makes other people a little bit uncomfortable.


You are a creature of habit. You order a cappuccino because you always have. You like the lightness of the froth combined with the coffee taste. Why change a formula that works?

Your clothing choices may be the same – minimalist yet stylish, just like a cappuccino.

Caramel Macchiato

A true macchiato is in a small cup and literally means a “mark” of milk in espresso.  US coffee shops make them more like a latte with a lot of sugary flavor and goodness.

Let’s go with the US version with which we are probably more familiar. Dessert in a cup.
This person lives life to the fullest, without a care in the world. When they do care about something, they order a caramel macchiato!


Once this person has had enough caffeine, they know when to stop. This person is sensitive and very responsible. You can probably trust them with something important and it won’t go too badly wrong.

Remember, every habit and choice you make regarding your coffee can tell you a little bit about your personality.  Are you a tried and true black coffee drinker, or do you want something a little more flashy? Do you like your cup to be the size of a thimble, or a bucket with two handles?

And do you agree with our insights? If you think we might have been a little unfair, let us know and we’ll reconsider our personality profiling.