ZipRecruiter Road to Hired

ZipRecruiter Road to Hired Visit + Interview

Last month Café Altura was fortunate enough to be invited to participate in a partner advertisement with ZipRecruiter. The experience was a bit exhausting and required two 12 hour days of filming with a crew of 10 documentary professionals. The experience was wild in a sense, and also surreal. Most do not enjoy seeing themselves on camera (myself included). However I do feel that the crew did an excellent job portraying who we are and what our focus is here at Altura. The whole experience got me thinking about who we are and what I have learned in the last year as our C.O.O. Our founder Chris Shepherd and business in general have underscored the value of Human Capital. People make the big picture possible, because at the end of the day businesses are made up of (or at the very least are managed), by people.

When I began working with Café Altura I had limited experience as a manager and a leader. I had always wanted to be a leader and felt comfortable when I found myself in such roles as a young adult. Business has a way of taking the things that we idealize and illuminating them under harsh light. It takes time and effort to build the interpersonal skills essential to healthy and productive business relationships. Along the way it is easy to get frustrated and disillusioned, but there is something powerful hiding inside professional and specialized relationships. When people work together to achieve a common goal, especially one that benefits all those party to it, we achieve things that are greater than ourselves and would otherwise be impossible. Café Altura was founded, and still to this day holds this to be a core component of how we do business.

People are the basis of everything in a business today. Human Capital is one of the most important assets that a business possesses. How that asset is wielded and cared for ultimately defines a company at its core. Great ideas can carry businesses into the future, financial resources can offer a boost, experience guides the way but people make all that happen. Arguably a business must have all of the necessary basic components to survive and a lack of resources will certainly mitigate success, but the value of implementation cannot be overstated. Every person we add to our team is an investment. The people that make up a business make its products, design its systems, market its latest offering and guide its growth. Because of this we take great care selecting perspective employees, interviewing and vetting them. ZipRecruiter has been an integral part of that process and helps us zero in on the critical parts of the process in a time efficient manner. Ultimately allowing us to stay focused on coffee and our business.

Today I am proud to look back onto what we have accomplished in my tenure here at Café Altura and believe that we are better positioned than ever before to move into the future. As the first organic coffee company in the United States, Café Altura has been a pioneer of organic agriculture in the coffee industry. Over the years that endeavor has been furthered by many different individuals, all of whom have left a lasting impression on our business and culture. We are excited about the future and what is in store for Café Altura.

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