Save Money on Coffee for Your Office

People can have a love/hate relationship with office coffee. It helps workers wake up in the morning, and power through with deadlines approaching. But for those of us who know the difference between craft and convenience, we know that office coffee doesn’t often compare with what we have at home. But with some simple changes, offices can reduce environmental impact, get better tasting coffee and cut costs while they’re at it. Follow these steps and you’ll fast become an office favorite.

The One Office Perk You MUST Splurge On

If you own a company, or manage an office, you know that there are times to cut cost and times to spend on the important stuff. Now, we may bit biased, but we think there’s a pretty strong case to be made that providing coffee to your office isn’t one of the times to hold back. So whether you’re thinking of upgrading the office joe, or considering offering coffee as a perk for the first time, here are five great reasons why spending a little on coffee can be a worthy investment.