6 Homemade Holiday Coffees

When Christmas is right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with festive flavors that give you that holiday cheer. Think peppermint and chocolate, eggnog and nutmeg, and gingerbread; sweet and warming in a hot drink. For those of you who are all about a good, strong cup of coffee without all the extras, try this Christmas coffee recipe where you add a little bit of spice to the grounds of the coffee and brew as normal.

Espresso-based Coffees After Thanksgiving Dinner

More Americans travel to be with family on Thanksgiving than on any other holiday. And recently it has become a global affair with one in six brits partaking in the holiday. As for the Thanksgiving meal, it is incontestably America’s most important meal of the year. And if you can’t imagine a great meal without coffee afterward, you’ll love these espresso-based recipes. They will help make your Thanksgiving meal a resounding success:

Chocolate and Coffee Recipes

The joy of food comes from the endless amount of pairings and combinations that can be tried. A classic that never seems to get old is the combination of coffee and chocolate.

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Just as you can train to make a perfect dessert or dish in a restaurant, you can also learn how to make a fantastic cup of coffee. When it comes to coffee taste, it doesn’t all come down to the quality of the beans. You can heighten your experience, by following some effective principles for getting the best flavor from your coffee.

Best Coffees for AeroPress

If you like to brew a single cup of coffee at a time, then the AeroPress is probably right for you. This device mixes the coffee grounds with hot water. Then, the coffee drinker uses a plunger to push the coffee through a filter. It only takes thirty seconds to brew coffee with this method. Once finished, the coffee has …

Best Coffees for the French Press

The French press is a very popular option for brewing coffee. The French press consists of a cylindrical carafe and a mesh filter. The coffee brews in the water rather than the water flowing through the grounds. The grounds stay under the filter and the strained coffee goes above the filter. Coffee made in a French press is meant to …

The Clever Coffee Dripper – Full Immersion Method

Nowadays there are so many ways to make coffee! It’s difficult to choose. Each and very method has its pros and cons. When making a cup of coffee, there are a number of variables to take into account: time you have available, type of bean, ground size preference, steep time preference… the list goes on. French press can be wonderful, …

Best Organic Coffees for Chemex

The Chemex coffeemaker is a pour-over style of coffeemaker. The Chemex is designed to remove the coffee’s oils, creating a taste that you cannot get from other coffeemakers. The process only extracts the desirable part of the bean for brewing, leaving you with a delicious flavor.

Best Organic Coffees for Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers use gravity to make coffee. You pour water into the machine and it moves through the coffee grinds. When the water comes into contact with the coffee, it absorbs caffeine, flavors, and oils and then moves through the filter. This is one of the easiest ways to make coffee so it is incredibly popular. You don’t need …