Organic Mexican Coffee Finca

Organic Mexican Coffee

Mexico is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. It holds the distinction of being the largest organic coffee producer, too. Coffee growing regions in Mexico are in the southern regions, mostly Chiapas and Oaxaca. The coffee is mainly arabica, which grows particularly well in these areas.

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There is coffee, and then there is organic coffee. In order to be certified organic, an organic coffee farm has to follow specific regulations to guarantee that the farm adheres to organic farming practices, including using 100% organic fertilizer such as coffee pulp or general compost. (here are our certifications)

Organic coffee has its own distinct characteristics:

  • aroma, which tells you how fresh the coffee is
  • flavor, is it earthy, spicy, nutty, fruity, etc.
  • sweetness, as opposed to being bitter or harsh
  • aftertaste, what are you tasting after you’ve swallowed the coffee
  • acidity, which gives all coffee its brightness and sparkle

You’ll find all of these elements blended to perfection in our coffee roasts.

Familiarize yourself with some of the best coffee you will ever experience. Read on, for what you can use in your home or business the next time someone says, “who wants coffee?”

Biodynamic Roast

Biodynamic RoastThere is a method of organic farming known as biodynamic agriculture, where farms are treated a unified ecosystem. In the biodynamic farming environment, the emphasis is on the holistic development of soil, where animals and plants contribute to a self-nourishing system. No external fertilizers or pest control systems are introduced, because none are needed – the coffee is grown in complete ecological balance. Certified Dynamic by Demeter means coffee is the best you’ve ever experienced. Whole bean or ground, biodynamic roast is a livable organic coffee.

House Blend

Mexican House BlendThe house blend at Cafe Altura is right for any occasion. This coffee is a blend of mild Mexican coffees, and are sweet and mild tasting, with just a hint of a robust tang like you find in the French Roast. This light coffee has a mild acidity, and is perfect for those who enjoy coffee cup after cup.



Breakfast Blend

Mexican Breakfast BlendOur breakfast blend is the incomparable way to start any day. This coffee is a blend of South American, Indonesian, and Central American coffees. It has a medium body, an exotic aroma, a noticeable acidity and is smooth beyond belief. Rich and flavorful, and just robust enough for any morning cup.



Kona Blend

Kona Blend with Organic Mexican CoffeeThis organic coffee is a blend of Chiapas, Mexico and Kona, Hawaii. Kona coffee is renowned for its premium taste, because it comes from an ideal growing environment.



Regular Roast

Mexican Regular RoastThis organic coffee is grown in the Sierra Madre mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. Here the high altitude and volcanic soil, produce organic coffee beans that thrive under shade trees.



Espresso Roast

Espresso RoastFor those who prefer their organic coffee strong and dark, there is espresso roast. Grown in the Sierra Madre mountains in Chiapas, Mexico, this coffee is perfectly grown at high altitudes in volcanic soil, where there are plenty of shade trees for protection. For a jumpstart or a kick to your day, try organic Espresso Roast.



San Francisco Blend

San Francisco BlendThis organic coffee combines Dark and French roasted beans from three different origins and is named after the city where the ‘dark’ roast was perfected. Even though this coffee is darkly roasted, each blend still maintains its individual characteristics. Perfect for the coffee drinkers who prefer creamers and sweeteners in their coffees.


Biodynamic French Roast

Biodynamic French RoastThis dark coffee is the result of biodynamic agriculture. Here farms are integrated ecologically, and all animals, soils, and plants are considered essential parts of the self-nourishing system. Nothing external is brought into the production process. This coffee is Certified Biodynamic by Demeter. This organic coffee is for those who prefer dark, and bold, something that makes a statement.



All of the flavorful organic roasts here are produced in natural environments. Organic coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers, and no chemicals are used either in growing or production. Organic fertilizers include coffee pulp, chicken manure, or compost only.

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Because of this, these organic coffee farms have become home to wild plants and animals, where soil fertility is maintained and the unique regional ecosystems, coupled with self-nourishing biodynamic farms, are kept alive. These shade-covered farms are also better equipped to handle unusual weather patterns as they occur, which means they are a safer investment and a surer way to go for the future of the organic coffee industry.

Many people drink and enjoy their organic coffee without ever thinking why or how they prefer it; only that they love it just the way it is. There’s a perfect organic coffee blend waiting right here for you, so find on your favorite blend and start the day right!

image credits: woman on coffee finca image by jakeliefer / CC 2.0. sunshine coffee finca image by Dennis Tang / CC 2.0.


  1. Thanks for sending this recipe on Organic Mexican coffee. It is totally new for me. I have a small coffee cafeteria. I should try adding this coffee to my cafe. Thanks again.

  2. My daughter brought me organic mexican coffee in a rose bag. Idont know what kind of coffee it is, Do i boil it (like turkish coffee) does it need a filter or a coffee machine?

    1. Hi Mazal – It sounds like your daughter brought you some whole bean Mexican coffee? If so, you’ll need to grind it. If you have a grinder, you can do that yourself – it will be freshest if you only grind enough for the amount of coffee you are making. Another option is to go into your local market and use the industrial burr grinder that will be in the coffee section.

      You only need a filter if your brewing method calls for it. For instance, you don’t need a filter if you have a French press. If you do have a regular drip coffee machine, then, yes, use a filter, and a medium ground for the beans.

      Here’s is some info we’ve put together on the different brewing methods. If you like convenience, you might also consider our organic instant coffee.

      Hope you enjoy your brew!

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