coffee drinking around the world

Coffee Drinking Around the World

Coffee has become an important cultural phenomenon. The habits, customs, and manner in which it is consumed vary widely depending on the country in question. Let’s take a look at how coffee is consumed around the world.

Green Coffee: The Definitive Guide

We give you a basic overview of the factors we consider when evaluating green coffee, namely, moisture content, density, bean size, and processing method, as well as how we use this information to select roast profiles and make sure our coffee is delicious by the time it’s in your cup.

Coffee Leaf Rust and Global Warming

Though coffee leaf rust came to widespread public attention during the Latin American/Carribean epidemic of 2012-13, it has long been an enemy of coffee farmers. Thought to have evolved alongside coffee in Ethiopia, leaf rust was first reported in 1861 near Lake Victoria in East Africa, and coffee farmers have been battling it ever since. In this blog post, we’re …

Varietals from Ethiopia

How Coffee Traveled Around the World

The story of coffee’s movement across the globe is a fascinating one, weaving together the narratives of many disparate cultures and peoples. We share where a few of the most important varieties of coffee originated, how they traveled across the world, and the role they play in modern coffee cultivation.

Ethiopia and the history of coffee

Ethiopia and the History of Coffee

The birthplace of coffee and home of its greatest biodiversity, Ethiopia is indispensably important in the history of coffee and in its consumption and sale in the modern day. Learn more about coffee’s enduring role in modern Ethiopian economics and culture.

The Farmer Behind Every Cup of Cafe Altura Coffee

There are many variations to the morning ritual. Often, a cup of coffee is involved. And not only for Americans. Coffee consumption has never been more popular worldwide. It’s a market with high demand and it means billions of dollars a year for the big brands. With big money can come exploitation and corruption.

Espresso: A History

Espresso is both the simplest and the purest form of coffee you can have. It’s an expression of Italian coffee culture and a global icon. When we think of coffee in its most idealized form, we think espresso.

Conversations Over Coffee – How and Why to Have Them

Cafés have evolved. Now they are spaces for meetings, working, hanging out, dates, live music, poetry slams, and artist exhibitions. The first coffeehouses, however, were places for the middle/upper class of society to meet and discuss ideas, political aspirations, and deals.

Great Minds Think…with Coffee

The origins of coffee can be traced from Ethiopia to Arabia and, by the 16th century, it had found its way to Europe. At first, coffee was considered the “devil’s drink” because it had come from foreign lands. Then Pope Clement VIII decided he would baptize coffee so that Europeans could enjoy the benefits with Church approval.

The Origins of Cappucino

A frothy, light concoction of steamed milk and espresso, sometimes with a dash of chocolate powder on the top, cappuccinos have become synonymous with yummy mummies, yuppies, and hipsters who like their caffeine hit with a dash of milk but without the heaviness of a latte. It takes a skilled barista who understands the difference between this and the perfect light and airy cappuccino.